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stretchy discharge accompanied by light brownish blood: Am I pregnant?

Posted by cls_27

So, normally my cycle is 26-28 days.  My last period started on Sep 30... it is now October 31 and I haven't had a period, but I have had stretchy white discharge and today it has a small amount of blood mixed in with it.  It wasn't even on my panties or anything, I just wiped and it was brown.  It is still stretchy though and I am hoping I am pregnant.  I took a test on day 26... the day I expected to start my period and it was negative, but haven't tested again since then. I have also had a headache for the last four days.  Other than that, I do not have really had any other pregnancy symptoms.  My temperature seems to be normal and my breasts haven't been hurting... however, I have been a little fatigued.  Could I be pregnant??
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