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Stress during pregnancy has detrimental effect on offspring

Posted Dec 20 2008 6:43pm
EurekAlert! - Stress during pregnancy has detrimental effect on offspring

It was already known that stress is bad for pregnancy. A new study involving rats suggests that the baby as well. Both of my first two pregnancies were massively stressful, which is why studies like this concern me.

The Hellion is extremely sensitive and touchy. Think Kevin Buckman in the movie Parenthood. (I love this movie) The Monster Toddler seems to lack the gene for fear. Polar opposites. The 8 year old Hellion will become hysterical over scary Halloween decorations, the 15 month old Monster Toddler will point and laugh at her. Other than the Hellion's anxiety, neither really match up to the detrimental effects of this study. If anything, the Monster toddler is developmentally advanced. The Hellion used to be until she got lazy and began entering her preteen years early.

The end of the article says "Husbands take note!" Gotta love how it's all the husband's fault the wife is stressed. Sure, baby daddy and the husband were the causes of my stressful pregnancies, but that's not always the case for everyone else.
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