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Strange Occurances at a Wedding

Posted Aug 28 2009 6:06pm
My brother's wedding was fantastic. It was nice and casual. Nothing rushed. Absolutely beautiful. The husband and I had a wonderful time and even danced (we never do that).

That being said, 2 strange things occurred.

First involved the food. As a whole, the food was great. And plentiful. I had the prime rib. The husband had the chicken (francaise maybe? I wasn't paying attention). Both meals came with mashed potatoes. Mmmm, mashed potatoes. The weird part? The mashed potatoes where on top of an orange slice. At first I thought it was a slice of squash, but getting down to bottom of the pile, it was undeniably an orange slice. I understand the desire to class things up with presentation. I do not understand anyone wanting their mashed potatoes to taste like orange. It was strange.

The second strange thing is beyond all comprehension. A small subsect of my father's cousins are mouth kissers. I've grown to accept that my two, over 40 year old, male cousins will slobber all over my mouth when kissing me goodbye at least once a year. This was no exception. Except for an added twist. When the one cousin came over to say goodbye, I attempted to say the actual word "goodbye." He chose this time to go in for the kiss. So I may have accidently bit his lip.

He stood up all flabbergasted and was like "I can't believe you bit my lip" and then proceeded to give me another kiss goodbye. It was weird and awkward and made be feel more than a little dirty. Honestly, what the hell?

I had some fun though. I kissed the husband while we were dancing and then told him about my cousin's kiss. So it's like he totally kissed my cousin. If we were twelve. Which we very well may be, mentally.
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