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Stopped birth control around Sept. 19

Posted by momaone

The pill seemed to casue me issues. I have been on around 5 birthcontrol brands. Some made me so sick I'd throw up. My fiance and I have been having unprotected sex once a week sometime more. I was religous about taking the pill ontime everyday, I got my last period around Sept. 15or19. I went to the ER last Wednesday for some tests like pregnancy all that had to be done before(x-ray). That blood test said negative. Could it have been to early? Its Oct. 20th. The other test was done Oct. 13th. Well I hope someone can he
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the blood beta draw can detect the hCG hormone with levels as low as .84 (from personal experience- but it can detect at lower levels than even that).  So if that test came up negative then its prettty certain that you are not pregnant.


As far as birth control.  If you know when your fertile window is (five days total out of every cycle- the three days before, day of and day after ovulation) then you would know when to not have unprotected sex and hormonal birth control isn't necessary.  

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