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Spring Break

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:21pm
We've been so busy that I haven't had time to wrap my head around (or sit down!) to write a coherent blog post for days. We're on spring break - one would think this would mean much rest and relaxation. We lean towards the opposite end of the spectrum and think "oh, we have a few days off, how much can we cram into a week??". Mike and I are making the most of our time off -- well, at least as much as we can with a 4 month old!

We drove north on Saturday morning and stayed with Grandma Sherri and Grandpa Jim until Wednesday. We had a great time and we were constantly moving! Bo's first Easter dinner was so much fun and he enjoyed spending the day with family. It even worked out that he took a nap during dinner so I was actually able to eat at the grown-up table!

Other fun activities during our stay included (each could be an entire blog post themselves - but I'll spare you and instead annoy you with lots of parenthesis):
*Visiting a retirement community to see Mike's Great Aunt and Uncles. (This made me miss Grandpa so much...)
*Having lunch with Mike's awesome cousin and her son (and we were thrilled to receive some of their old toys for Bo to enjoy!)
*I had a cavity filled :( (My first!! And yes, I go to the dentist up north -- long story!)
*Bo ate his first mashed banana -- a few funny faces but he eventually decided it wasn't too horrible (We are planning to try avocado on Saturday!)
*Discount shopping - I found 3 shirts for $4 each at Target (I love that store!) and 2 cute dresses to wear for Senior Awards and Graduation at the outlet mall (size 4P! - I may still have that lovely apron of flesh on my tummy but, I'm getting there!)
*An amazing dinner at a nice restaurant where Bo managed to nap the entire time
*Too much food!
*Mike surprised me with a pedicure and a massage. (It doesn't get much sweeter than that!!)
*Lots of good quality family time - lots of hugs, lots of love, and much joy spread for the Easter holiday

We returned home on Wednesday afternoon and Mike had his first extended stretch of time at home with Bo on Thursday while I went into school for a work-day with my yearbook girls. (Yes, I had them come in and work over break. I must be Satan's spawn but we are able to accomplish so much with such a solid chunk of time to work!). Mike and Bo did well together and I pumped at school for the first time.

We have three days left of spring break. And normal people would probably think that we would rest for the remainder... but we aren't that simple. On our agenda for the next few days:
1. Finish taxes
2. Acquire bids for a new roof
3. Meet with our financial planner
4. Attend Mandy's musical
5. Clean out closets for donations
6. A few projects on Mom's house before she returns from her spring break
7. And you know -- all of those normal parts of life that everyone does all the time but don't really require discussion -- grocery shop, laundry, clean, etc. that have been ignored this week while we've been on the run.

While this year's spring break isn't exactly a vacation in St. Martin, we're still having fun . All it really takes for us to enjoy our time is to be together -- even if that 'together' is grocery shopping. :)

I'll leave you with a few pictures I've taken during our break...

My place at the Easter table. Sherri did an amazing job decorating and planning for the family Easter gathering. Everyone participated in an egg hunt and egg pecking!! The eggs are Bo's and mine from the egg pecking competition. We 'unfortunately' did not win the Good Egg Award!

Bo and his first Easter basket. Doesn't he look thrilled? Hopefully he will be more enthused next year when he can have some candy!!

Easter eggs for pecking.

Bo has some tummy-time while we wait for everyone to arrive for Easter dinner.

One of the most special gifts in Bo's Easter basket this year was this strawberry hat. Grandma Sherri and Grandpa Jim went on a Baltic cruise a few years ago and while they were there Grandpa Jim spotted this adorable hat. I had recently experienced my ectopic pregnancy when they left on this trip so they knew that grandchildren were on the horizon. It's been tucked away since then waiting... My heart bursts that we all finally have a little guy to wear it! (And at some point I'll get a picture where he is actually smiling while wearing it -- but his expression here makes me laugh! It looks like he's saying, 'What the heck is on my head??')

**Yes, I really did write this at 4 in the morning. I'm not really sure why but sleep just wasn't there this morning...

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