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Spotting for 3 days with BAD cramps and VERY tender breasts, 1 week before period, then heavy discharge.

Posted by lisaj

My breasts are still sore today (6 days before my expected period), my discharge comes out like a period, thick and cloudy with a mild scent and a cream color. I have to go to the bathroom every few hours to clean myself. The spotting was 9 days before my expected period and was light pink when wiped with a napkin and sometimes was bright red and a tad bit stretchy and clotty. The cramps were as bad as a period the same day the spotting comensed and diminished to almost nothing to this day but still occur (6 days before my period).

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex with the intentions of using the rhythm method, but had our calculations wrong. In conclusion, he came inside me the day before I was expected to ovulate (2 weeks after my last month's period began).

Is is possible I could be pregnant? I plan to take a test as soon as my strips arrive from (AMAZING SITE BTW). 

I'm a bit worried about all this discarge... I usually get this much days (not weeks) before my period, but it's a bit early...

Could it be STDs? Yeast infection?


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