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Spotting after coming off the birth control pill. Normal or Pregnant?

Posted by Miranda

I recently went off my birth control pill and my husband and I had sex once without contraception. I am now spotting very lightly for the past week. I believe I am to be expecting my period on the 28th of May. Could I be pregnant?

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Did you stop birth control before or after a new cycle? (meaning did you finish out the pack then bleed or did you stop somewhere along the way?)


Do you happen to know dates?  Start of this cycle? Ovulation? Unprotected sex?

I stopped using my birth control pills about a week into a new pack. The month before I had missed a few and I started doing that again this month so I decided to stop completely.

Day 1 of my cycle (start of period) was approx. May 1st and we had unprotected sex approx. the 12th or 13th of May. Could I be pregnant?

I had heard that your are more fertile coming off of your birth control pills and more likely to concive multiples! I also know that my cycle is a 28 day cycle and always has been very regualer. Assuming that I would likely ovulate on day 14. I had read somewhere that you can be fertile up to five days before you ovulate too?????

No birth control does not increase the chance for mulitples since it isn't an ovary stimulating drug like Clomid. 

The only reason why you would be "More fertile" is because when you get off of birth control you ovulate- which is what birth control prevents. 

When you say you have 28 day cycles is that while on birth control or off? How long have you been on birth control?

Are you tracking your cycles to know what day you actually ovulate? That would be extremely helpful to know as your body learns how to function on its own hormones (if you aren't pregnant).  You may find that your cycles have altered from what you are used to. 

Your fertile window is really only a couple of days out of your cycle.  Provided you have good quality cervical fluid the optimal window for intercourse is three days prior to, the day of and the day after ovulation. So while that is five days... it isn't five days before O.

I strongly reccommend that if you are planning to try and concieve that you hold a pre-conception meeting/appt with your doctor if you are older so that they can keep track of how long you try and all that. I would also strongly recommend reading Toni Weschler's "Taking Charge of Your Fertility".  Finding a free charting site will help you learn your cycles and can show you how long you bleed, when you ovulate and if you have a healthy luteal phase.

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