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Sperm Sorting Has The Potential To Prevent Genetic Disease

Posted Jul 02 2009 6:31pm
By: Donald P. Marazzo, MD, MPH

The MicroSort® clinical trial provides a potential opportunity for carriers of X-linked disease to prevent manifestations of disease in male offspring. MicroSort® is a unique technology for preconception sperm sorting that increases a couple’s chances of having an unaffected daughter. Use of the technology requires careful timing of insemination with sorted sperm. It may decrease the risk of having an affected boy from 25% to less than 6%.

MicroSort® can also be combined with more elaborate techniques involving IVF procedures for higher pregnancy rates, or it may also be combined with IVF procedures and preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to decrease the risk of having an affected male even further. Males affected by X-linked disease can also have sperm sorted as part of the MicroSort clinical trial. For these men, MicroSort® technology will be used to favor the chances of having a male offspring, which would prevent passage of the X-linked gene to the next generation.

Since this procedure is part of a clinical trial, couples who are interested in participating must understand that the technology is still under review for safety and efficacy by FDA. Interested participants can learn more on the MicroSort® website. A full consultation and informed consent process will take place before active participation in this clinical trial. Ask your genetics counselor or physician if you might be a candidate for participation in this clinical trial.
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