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Sore Nipples And Breasts Are Normal At First

Posted Dec 04 2008 12:15pm

I think a lot of women give up after a few days of breastfeeding because of the sore nipples.  Right now, yeah, my breasts are a little sore. My son is less then a  week old and my breasts are going crazy trying to figure out the right amount of milk to make.  My son has a tiny little mouth and is getting used to nursing. It’s normal right now.  If breastfeeding continues to hurt, it is not normal. You might need a lactation consultant.

There are some things you can do to help prevent sore nipples.  My son sometimes won’t let go of a nipple when I need him to switch sides. Trying to break the seal with your finger helps instead of pulling the baby right off.  I have also found that changing your breast pads often helps. It seems like when my pad is wet, my nipples are more sore. Make sure your baby is getting a good amount of your breast, not just the nipple.

If your nipples get sore anyway, there are a bunch of ways to help alleviate the pain. Use a heated rice sock or heating pad or even a hot washcloth.  If your breasts are sore try Gerber’s Breast Therapy pads. I had them for my second child and I thought they worked great!

Also, apply cocoa butter or another type of breast ointment. You can find this over the counter at any drugstore.

Wear the right bra. If your bra is too tight, it could really hurt while your breasts are sensitive.

Dr. Sears offers a long list of ways to help your breasts from being sore. Check out this link:

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