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So you need an Egg Donor? Make sure you have ALL the FACTS!

Posted Sep 04 2009 2:11am
So you need an Egg Donor?   Make sure you have ALL the FACTS!

The effective and accurate screening of an egg donor is probably the most important criteria in your choice of an egg donor.
Admittedly age, height, hair and eye colour are all important in matching a donor to your specifications, but don’t let that be all you concern yourself with, as you could in the future regret that you did not search more deeply in your selection. As a recipient of egg donation one may not realise the value of having ALL the facts. Is your donor adopted? Does she have allergies? Is she a carrier of Tay-Sachs, Sickle Cell, Thalassemia or Cystic Fibrosis disease? Is there any history of cancer in her paternal or maternal grandparents? Does anyone in her family suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease, a Cleft Palate, Epilepsy or Muscular Dystrophy? The list of conditions for which donors should be screened is endless and critical in your choice of a donor.

Gift ov life is South Africa’s premier fertility agency offering Egg Donors and Surrogate Mothers . Gift ov life’s donor screening process checks the donor’s family health history for 98 different conditions. These conditions are in line with international best practice in donor screening and is approved as the ideal and complete list by Members of the Board of the Committee of the South African Society of Reproductive Science and Surgery.

Gift ov life
supplies its recipients of egg donation with a 15 page Detailed Donor Profile that covers: Personal Information, Academic Achievements, Personality, Sexual Preference, Lifestyle, Reproductive Health, Religion, Paternal and Maternal physical characteristics, personality, talents and health. Diet of the donor and exposure to chemicals and X-Rays, as well as family health history.
Make sure you have ALL THE FACTS. visit our  to view our more than 50 well-screened and available Egg Donors.
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