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Small Group meetings scheduled!

Posted Jan 27 2009 7:17pm

I am so happy that I finally have the New Moms Small Groups on the calendar. This is the updated info, so please feel free to pass it along or to attend if you are interested. I look forward to the fellowship and support that we'll share in this safe and confidential place.

Are you an expectant or new mom? Would you like to connect with other mothers in a safe, confidential and comfortable environment? Two small groups are forming soon for new mothers, especially those interested in supporting one another in the life changes that result from giving birth and life with an infant. Topics such as finding time to care for yourself, connecting with your husband, faith and the new mother, and postpartum depression/anxiety will be discussed. We'll also share resources with one another and will consider an occasional bible or book study as a group once we meet. No preparation will be necessary and you can bring your child or utilize the Nursery while we get together.

The first Wednesday meeting will beMay 7, 2008atin Room 211. The first Friday meeting will be May 16 atin Room 211. We'll choose a regular week to meet each month once we form.

Right now I am praying for guidance as I begin preparation for starting a Postpartum Support Group here in town. The only one active is in
PeachtreeCity, about 60 miles south ofAtlanta, and I feel that there must be at least a few moms who could benefit from supporting one another. This group will not be church related and will be solely for the purpose of sharing and caring amongst a group that can relate to one another's struggles. I have been adequately warned that there can be liability involved in such things, but I feel God's hand in continuing to call me towards this mission. In order to be honest and accurate, as well as protect myself and others in the group, I will have to consistently remind participants that the group is not led by a professional, nor is it intended to treat or diagnose any type ofPPDor other emotional/psychological disorder or disease. I pray that this group will flourish. Thanks for your prayers along with me.

L. surprised me last night when he awoke around
and decided it was playtime. He must have kicked, laughed and played in his crib for a good 30 minutes before falling back asleep until morning. What a blessing to be awakened in the night by his laughter, rather than crying. He truly is a special baby (I know all moms feel that way about their babies). I am convinced that God gave us exactly what we needed and that L. was sent specifically to our family for a reason.

I have so many pregnant friends right now. I am so happy for them and yet sometimes I feel like I become a bit anxious thinking about the challenges that are ahead for them in the first months after they give birth. I pray that none will have to deal with
PPD, but even if not, the transition to motherhood is physically and emotionally exhausting. When in the midst of feeling overwhelmed, I remember that this is the road they will pave, and not mine, but it does take me back to the whole question of "to have or not to have more children." I have been in prayer about it a lot this week and while M. and I have not yet had a chance to discuss, I am pretty sure that I would like to explore other options. I was reminded recently of why we opted out of the diagnostic tests for the babe while I was pregnant. I knew that knowing would do me more harm than good...even then when I was certainly in a great place mentally. I have realized now that for similar reasons I don't believe it would be healthy for me to become pregnant again. The odds ofPPDreoccurring are 50%. Even with a promise from Dr. Arnold that she could help to preventPPDin me a 2nd time around, I simply don't believe that it would be healthy for me, my family, or an unborn baby to endure an anxious mom who is all too aware of the possible hell that follows childbirth. What a blessing ignorance was during my pregnancy with L. The thoughts of snuggling my little bundle (whose sex I didn't even know for sure) and of praying for him daily, and concentrating solely on a safe and healthy pregnancy with little distraction (work was literally my only other obligation while I was pregnant) was a gift. Having a soon-to-be toddler and being a working mom seem to be enough for me to handle right now. In the future, I pray that God will provide an opportunity for adoption or other means for L. to have a sibling if He so intends.

Well, that's it for now. I am thankful for your prayers and look forward to the good news of the details of the start of a
PPDsupport group being posted in the upcoming months.

Blessings, A

p.s. I was just emailed this link to a great article on sleep and new parents. Enjoy!

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