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Slowly Making My Way Back To My Infertility Issues

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

I'm back, sort of. The diet is going fine, I suppose. Too slow for my liking, but I have lost 13 pounds so I can't complain too much.

We just paid for the full version of Ovusoft, the "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" software. I've always used Fertility Friend, the basic version, but I tried the free trial of Ovusoft back in March and absolutely fell in love with the format so there was no going back if I was actually going to commit to this temping thing.

We also ordered my generic Clomid and Prometrium from the no prescription overseas pharmacy. We got 30 pills of Ovinum (the Clomid, 6 months worth) for $60 and 60 pills of Utrogestan (the Prometrium, about 2 months worth if I don't get pregnant) for $30, plus free shipping. I think we got a pretty good deal.

Next week we are going to order the Pre-Seed and the ovulation tests, so we'll have everything we need. We are looking at starting trying again around September 2nd or 3rd depending on when the period shows up.

Now, my request . . .

I am looking for real experiences on Clomid and/or Prometrium, specifically the generics I will be taking, but any experiences will be appreciated. I have read so many possible side effects through Google it has started to make my head spin. So if you took either one, if you could either leave me a comment here or email me, that would make my day.

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