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Sleepless in Toronto, a Perfect friday, and the search for a hat..

Posted Jul 06 2009 7:02pm
Last week was not a good week for sleep. Addie decided to enter a new phase of her sleep (JOY!) where she woke up at 11pm, cried, cried and CRIED, and would not (under any circumstances) go back to sleep. I tried everything: a bottle, sleeping on her floor with her (desperation), rocking her in her chair, letting her play in the playpen, and sharing a bowl of Cheerios at 2am. It was the Cheerios that finally did the trick two of the three nights. In my sleep-deprived state the next day it dawned on me that maybe she was growing and had been hungry. I did give her a bottle but only about 5oz and she cried when it was finished...hmmm. You would think it wouldn't take me 4 hours of middle-of-the-night wakefulness to sort that out. She also had hiccups for about 2 days straight, and was ravenous during the day. My friend Amy told me she heard that when they have the hiccups like that it means they're growing. Not sure if there's any truth to that, but it all sort of added up to a possible growth spurt.

So last night when she woke up again, crying at 10:30pm, I went straight for the bottle. A full bottle. She drank most of it, cried a little when I left (maybe for 10 minutes) and was then out until this morning. Who knows. Maybe I'm starting a bad trend, soothing her with a bottle of baby crack (otherwise known in our house as 3.25% milk), rather than letting her cry it out and sort it out. But I still maintain she's hungry...or maybe it's her I said, who really knows. All we can do is try to figure it out before anyone loses too much sleep.

Now on to the perfect Friday...
Adam and I both had the day off so we decided to send Addie to "school" (daycare) for most of the day and enjoy some adult-only time NOT doing chores around the house. We dropped her off, she smiled and waved at us, and off we went for a relaxing breakfast on an outdoor patio. It was heaven. Americanos and fresh baked croissants. The weather was ideal - not too hot, but enough sun to make you feel good. Then we went to the beaches boardwalk and walked casually, holding hands and without our stroller. We chatted, and laughed, and just chilled. Awesome. Then we went uptown, grabbed a Star.bucks and did a little window shopping before we headed back to the daycare to get Addie. It was a little slice of LBB (life before baby) and it was nice. Not that we would change ANYTHING about our life (well, maybe we would be retired and lottery winners) but it was so rejuvenating to have uninterrupted time together. I think we're going to try and make a somewhat regular habit of doing this...maybe a Friday off every couple of months to repeat above.

The weekend was beautiful here - lots of sun but not too hot. Just the way I like it. We spent most of yesterday outside, walking with Addie and Quincy around our neighbourhood and through the park. We went for runs, and played in our backyard and in our driveway with Addie's new red wagon she got for her birthday from her Grammy and Opa (she doesn't fully understand "Sit on your bum!" so the wagon ride turns treacherous pretty fast!) Now all this outside time leads me to my next point...the summer hat. I can not find a good hat for Addie. I've bought two so far, and neither really works well. She hates both of them, for different reasons I think, but nonetheless the hats don't stay on long. Which is a big problem when you're outside with the sun beating down on your head. So I'm on the hunt for the "perfect" hat, if such a hat exists. I think it needs to be bucket style, because the big brim ones tend to cover her eyes too much and she can't see. Of course it needs a strap otherwise it doesn't matter how perfect the hat it, it won't stay on. So if you have found the perfect summer hat for you kidlet(s) please let me know!

Enjoying the swings, sans hat of course.

My new favourite game, playing with the kitchen half-door. I could do this all day...

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