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Sleeping with Monsters and Demons

Posted Feb 02 2009 11:42pm
Having 2 children 16 months apart is hard. I don't get much sleep, and I love my sleep. I keep telling myself it will get easier as they get older, but I'm not actually sure if that's true. Yes, it will get easier once Lorelei is 30, I'd imagine. I'm just not so sure about the next couple weeks or months.

The Monster Toddler seems to finally be getting over her jealousy of the baby and her hatred of he for bring the aforementioned baby home. She has begun taking naps again (3 weeks without naps left her with a less than sunny disposition throughout the day) and is sleeping through the night again (pretty much). She's a little more clingy during the day and wants to be held a lot, which is hard to do while catering to another child, but still better than the constant crying and hitting.

While the Monster Toddler was getting easier to deal with, Lorelei (now to be known as the Demon Baby)was getting more difficult. She's eating about 4oz every hour and a half or so. So we feed, every hour and a half all day long. She manages to stretch her feedings out to every two and a half to three and a half hours at night. I don't actually get to sleep during those times though. After she finishes her bottle, she wants to be held until she falls back asleep. It usually takes an hour. Put her down too soon and she cries, making you have to start the hour all over again. Luckily this doesn't happen every night, but at least a couple times a week. Usually between Sunday and Thursday, my nights to get up with her.

I try to nap during the day after the husband gets home from work, but that's almost impossible most days. Most days there isn't any time with everything else that needs to be done around here. If the kids are asleep when I lie down, the husband lies down too. Somehow screaming children don't seem to wake him and I end up getting up after a half hour nap completely unrefreshed. He'll stay up with them if they are awake, but the Monster Toddler doesn't appreciate Mommy's need for sleep and tries everything in her power to get me to wake up. The husband distracts her, unless he's taking care of the Demon Baby's needs. He hasn't yet fully learned how to take care of both children at the same time. Things work out pretty well when the Hellion is home, since she'll play with the Monster Toddler while the husband takes care of the Demon Baby. It's rare that's it works out that way though.

Things are good though. The kids are healthy and relatively happy. The husband gets to sleep most nights before he has to go to work. And me? Well, I need a vacation. Maybe someday.

My beloved new car is finally home from the dealership. It had to be returned 3 times to get the TPMS light to go off and stay off. We've had rental cars all week. So much for paying the cell phone bill next week. Maybe if we pay half and ask them really nicely, they won't turn our phones off, since we've never been late with a payment. I guess it couldn't hurt to ask.
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