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Sleep Training Update

Posted Jul 28 2010 12:46pm
Thank you for all of your comments. I had no idea that sleep training was so controversial but I am glad to see that people were as upset as I was by my pediatrician’s, Dr. NO’s, suggestion that we leave Baby Jay in another room to cry himself to sleep at two months of age.
We are not doing that!
In all fairness to Nadia, she is a wonderful, loving, doting, mom who just needs more sleep than I do, but she was also very much against letting Baby Jay cry himself to sleep in another room at this stage in the game.
So…what are we doing?
We are not doing any sleep training, at least not by my definition and, certainly, not Dr. NO’s definition. What we are doing is giving Baby Jay a bath between 8 and 8:30, reading him a story, and putting him down to sleep in a co-sleeper (thanks to my BFF) attached to my side of the bed by 9PM. He usually nods off around that time anyway and sometimes he sleeps until 1:30 AM. On those occasions he also gets up around 4AM, which isn’t bad. We have baby monitors (also donated by my BFF) so if he shows any signs of distress, which he does on occasion, we generally run to the bedroom to comfort him or, if necessary, to give him a bottle.
We are very comfortable with this routine and hope that one day it will someday extend into a full night’s sleep.
In the meantime, I am reading  On Becoming Baby Wise  (also donated by my BFF) and Bed Timing, recommended by the lovely, pregnant, Sarah of Dreams and False Alarms .
Keep the comments coming!
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