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Sleep is restored and the cold is back.

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
Poor Addie. She has caught yet another cold. Her nose is so stuffed up that it's making it hard for her to do the basics, like feed and breathe. Poor little monkey. I feel so badly for her as she snuffles away, knowing there really isn't much I can do to help aside from give her lots of snuggles. I am however torturing her with the nasal aspirator and some saline nose spray. It's just so sad, especially because she doesn't seem to want to breathe through her mouth so she's struggling. I'm thinking this cold may explain some of the crankiness over the past couple of days...

We had a great visit with friends Amy and Cath yesterday, although Addie cried for about a third of the drive there and about half of the way home. Amy and I sang "Itsy bitsy spider" OVER AND OVER again on the way home (thanks to Amy for being such a good sport -her little guy was quiet and sleeping) because that seems to be about the only thing that calms her down when she's melting down in the car! I have probably sung that song about 1,000 times by now...

And as for the sleep, we seem to be back on track. Except for last night which was a bit rough due to the cold. Ok, have to run. My snuffle bug just woke herself up trying to breathe and I have to go and tend to her. Thanks for all the teething suggestions...when I get a spare moment I'll spend a little more time having a look.
Hope everyone is doing well!
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