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sleep, babies, sleep. together, please.

Posted Aug 24 2009 10:25pm

Busy past couple of weeks for your Baby Bunching blog hosts, including an annoyingly timed surgery for Cara and the start of school for her Bunch, as well as a beach vacation for Linda (who still has a few more weeks of summer left to weather - yikes!).  This has left us with not a lot of time for getting posts up, so we're thanking Baby Buncher Brenda for sending us this question.

Q:  Could we pose a question to the blog about how to get baby #1 to begin sharing a room with baby #2?  I've got a 22 month old who was a preemie (a 25 weeker) and a 4.5 month old - who isn't sleeping through the night - but I'm hoping that will come soon.

A:   Ah, the eternal room-sharing question, complicated by the  "not sleeping through the night" angle.  This is a tough one.  We're sorry to tell you, Brenda, that we do not have experience with this specific scenario.  Cara's Bunch DOES share a room, but she waited until they were both sleeping through the night and in big boy beds (youngest was just barely 2) before bunking them together.  She actually recently considered moving all three boys (5, 4, and 1) into a super-sized attic room together, but decided against it because even though the baby sleeps through the night, he is still easily awoken by his brother's shenanigans. 

We've fielded a question with a similar angle in the past, so check out our that post, which included suggestions to:

  • leave both babies in their cribs as long as possible
  • get a white noise machine to drown out the noises each of them might make
  • begin the transition at night (which usually includes a longer stretch of sounder sleep), rather than at naps
  • considering napping in separate rooms (i.e. putting one child in your bedroom) to preserve nap time sanity when they can see each other in the daylight
Of course, we're betting there is someone out there who has been in this exact same boat, so help a girl out, ladies (and gentlemen, of course), and chime in with your suggestions!

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