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Skinny by Tara – a guest post

Posted Feb 17 2013 10:08pm

by mnfadmin on February 18, 2013


You've got to love the world wide web.  I've met people online that not even my wildest dreams could have introduced me to.  My guest today is one of them.  Meet Tara from Skinny by Tara .  I was seriously intrigued by her use of the word 'skinny' as part of her title.  For me, as the co-author of a book with a controversial title – Eat Fat, Be Thin  (second print run is here by the way!), I feel the need to cyber hi-five those who put themselves out there with boldness.  Depending on where you are in the world, skinny may take on various associations – some may see it as being really thin, whilst others may see it as being healthy.  Before you decide, keep reading.  I very quickly realised that to Tara, skinny was all about being super healthy and inspiring action for others to do the same.  Tara is a qualified nutritionist in America.  What I loved most about Tara is her understanding that not one 'diet' works for everyone.  I'm a huge believer in this concept and practice this everyday from a chinese medicine perspective in the clinic, where we recgonise that nothing is a one size fits all.  Weight plays a huge role when it comes to fertility.  Just four kilograms can stand between you, and your more fertile self.  It all comes down to working out what your body requires individually for it to perform at its best.  For me – that took many years and a lot of trial and error.  Tara is one of those people taking the guess factor out and helping people become the healthiest version of themselves by the food they eat and her unique approach to weight loss.  I took 5 minutes with Tara – take a read of what she has to say.  She's an inspiration!

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