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Signs, signs everywhere are signs...

Posted Jan 05 2010 12:00am
The first time I got pregnant there were signs everywhere to indicate pregnancy. For instance... the day of our insemination Holly and I went to eat at this restaurant where we were served by a pregnant woman. During that same dinner the song, "Baby, Baby" by Amy Grant played throughout the restaurant.

I'm all about fate giving you signs to suggest you're moving in the right direction. I believe in them and look for them all the time. It's a thing with Holly and I... when we see something out of the ordinary and is related to getting pregnant we'll look at each other and without hesitation we'll say at the same time, "it's a sign".

This cycle has already given us a few signs to suggest an upcoming pregnancy. The first was when we went to St. Augustine to see the fertility statues. The day before we left I was talking to one of our good friends who mentioned that she was also in St. Augustine for the weekend with her girlfriend. This was our first sign because this friend is going to be the god mother of our children (something that was determined when I first got pregnant). We were all at the same place, 2 hours from home, at the same time (the weekend we were going to rub the statues).

The other sign came to us on Sunday while we were at the movies. We decided to go see that movie, "Did you hear about the Morgans?". In the movie, the two main characters (Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker) must enter the witness protection program and live in a place called Ray, Wyoming. The two characters that Hugh and Sarah are going to live with are named Clay(short for Clayton) and Emma. Do you see the signs??

Ok let me help you out here... Holly and I have had names picked out for our kids for a long time. The boy's name is Clayton and the girl's name is Emma. The middle name for the boy will be Ray (Holly's middle name) and the girl's middle name will be Lynn. This movie had two characters that were named Clay and Emma and they lived in Ray!

Coincidence? I think not!

Maybe we're stretching here but I can't ignore the signs!

Have you ever noticed signs to suggest that you are on the right path or even the signs to suggest the wrong path?
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