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Should I have brown discharge at 8 weeks pregnant after seeing the baby's heartbeat at 6 weeks?

Posted by sfmf86

I am 8 weeks pregnant and this morning I starting having a brown discharge(like right before I would get my period).  I had an ultrasound done at 6 weeks and we saw the hearbeat and they said everything was fine.  NOW THIS?!?! I have had a miscarriage in the past and it started like this but much earlier in the pregnancy and I had had no ultrasound
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brown blood isn't a bad thing- what is is bright red blood flow.


Brown blood is just old blood. It is normal for some women to form "blood pockets" when the placenta attaches to the uterine wall and they usually resolve in the first trimester (my best friend had this only hers resolved in the middle of the second and that really freaked us out but everything is good now).

Is there pain with the spotting? Cramping? Is it changing to red?  


I am very aware how the fear level is amped when one has had a previous miscarriage.  The friend I mentioned previously- this is her fourth pregnancy and the only one that has made it past the 2nd Trimester.  Try to be as calm and objective as possible ok? Keep an eye on things and don't be afraid to call the doctor with ANY concerns. You pay them for a reason :)

I don't have any pain or cramping.  I had a little yesterday but nothing that I haven't had the entire time which my doctor told me was okay to have and that I would know if it were serious. The pains would be much worse I guess.  And it's not turning to red at all.  Is there a chance this will turn to red?  I called my doctor yesterday and all she said was to wait it out.  That to me isn't a good answer.  Should I go to the ER just to be sure the baby is okay?

Thank You so much for all your advice already!

I had brown discharge twice at 6 weeks. I called the doctor and she asked me if it was after having sex?...both times I had sex the night before. I also had mild (period like) cramps. My doctor told me that my cervix may be tender and I am bleeding out old blood.  She said it was no reason to be afraid but I should take it easy and not have sex until the doctor saw me. I went in a week and a half later (7weeks 4 days), we had a strong fetal heart beat and checked out fine. The doctor said to try to have sex again and see what happens. We did at 8 weeks and had no problems and no blood (hubby was happy about that!). I was told bad bleeding is if it's red and heavier than a period and has major cramping.

I am 17 weeks and I'm currently started out as red a few weeks ago, went to the ER as soon as I saw it. DR said it could've been that my uterus was squishing my placenta and that caused the bleeding....3 weeks later it happened again...had a ultrasound and everything was good...the blood stopped....the next day I started bleeding again with mild cramping..ran to ER again..had a pelvic exam, my cervix was closed and the baby's heartbeat was excellent. I was put on bed rest with no reason as to where the blood was coming I have minimal blood coming out-which is very dark blood. I'm scared but happy that my baby is still doing well and my cervix is still closed.
i'm about 7-8 weeks had an ultrasound last week 7/21/10 and they seen baby and the sac but no heartbeat, had blood drawn and hcg levels went from 40,000 to 48,000 in less than 2 days so today i'm going again for ultrasound but i just had some light brown discharge and i'm completely scared and nervous that i am miscarrying.....any thoughts?

I'm about 6.weeks and 2 days.

On week 4 i had brown/pink spotting that lasted for 5 days. It went away for 2 days, then came back the following week, a bit heavier, and more of a darker brown.

Its not heavy, Its just enough to touch my underwear, and is very visable when I wipe. No pain or cramps.

I've had blood, and U/S.  The ultra sound was done in the first week of light spotting. A heartbeat was detected. 110bpm.  baby measured at 5 weeks 3 days.

But STILL this spotting continues??!?!?

I wish my body would make its mind up on what it wants to do. Its so frustrating and mostly frightening! I just wish I could enjoy my pregnancy instead of fearing the worst :(

hi im new at this. im barely 7 weeks pregnant and just started spotting yesturday. its not aot just alittle bite. i still havent got to see an OB and i dont know if i should do to the ER. this is my third pregnancy. the first came out fine and the second i had a miscarriage and now im on my third pregnancy and im kind of scare. i dont know what to do.



















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