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shes on the pill and its near her period, but no spotting yet.. shes worried shes pregnant, should the be concern?

Posted by ghost

the question askes it all, i have never came in her, and shes on the pill, has been for almost two years now. yet she hasent spotted and its getting near that time of the month, should this be something to be concerned about?
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i guess i kinda half to huh... well thank you for your help and replys :)
Nope...just gonna have to wait it out and see what happens
i dont think that any could have entered in her, for the fact that i dont pre ejaculate, but shes concerned. shes not spotting at all, which she normally does before her period. any help on that ?

If she isn't late yet then I wouldn't worry about things just yet.


Keep in mind that there are situations where a woman will need to adjust her dosage of the pill she is taken: a change in weight, antibiotics, etc

Even if you didn't "come in" her- if you aren't using a condom there is still the probability that semen did enter her vaginal canal

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