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Sex on las day of period, could I be pregnant?

Posted by Spanner

We have been using the withdrawal method for the last year (when I came off the pill).  We recently (10 days ago) had sex without withdrawal (on the 3rd and final day of my period).  I just wondered when the HCG may show in a blood test.  I have had a daily headache, a rash has started on my arms, face and legs and Im sure my breasts feel bigger.  Is it all in my head?  The pregnancy tests are negative, but is it cause its too early??
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if you have an average 28 day cycle then the fertile window (three days before, day of and day after ovulation) would be cycle days 11-15.

cycle day three would be too early for conception to occur- at that point in your cycle the body is stimmulating the ovaries and the eggs are beginning to grow. 

As far as a blood beta testing- anything over five is considered to be pregnant.  Depending on the lab- the value line for what they consider to be pregnant could be as high as 30 for a base line. Unless one is undergoing treatment for infertility or recurrent loss- most times a blood beta isn't even ordered and the doctor will have one take a urine test- and even then that isn't taken until a woman is late or has taken a HPT and gotten a positive result which is generally after 12 days past ovulation

It sounds like you may be about to or just ovulated within the last couple of days.  Progesterone can cause your breasts to enlarge during the luteal phase. headaches can also be a side effect. 


Im now 3 days late for my period, am getting slight abdo cramps, but nothing happens, feel bloated, slight sore nipples, very frequent urination and creamy discharge. I have done a couple of pregnancy tests which are negative-what do u think?!!
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