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Sex after Kids, Part 2: The Results

Posted Apr 28 2009 10:33pm
So my attempt at reconnecting with the husband on a more naked level started out kind of rocky.

Tuesday night: I wore lingerie. Or as close to lingerie as I was willing to wear knowing that I was going to probably be wearing in the middle of the night while feeding the Demon baby. Short, spaghetti strapped nightgown-like thing. Not extremely sexy, but a large improvement over pajama pants and tank tops. The husband came to bed, didn't look at me, didn't say anything, and went to sleep. Feeling a little like I just got slapped in the face, I too went to sleep. Later he said he thought that the lingerie meant I was going to try to get him to have sex with me. So he waited for me to try and I didn't so he fell asleep. I explained that since he didn't say anything and seemed to be actively avoiding eye contact, I assumed he was treating me like a T-Rex, as in if he didn't move I wouldn't see him and force him to have sex with me. Attempt #1 ends in my being offended.

Wednesday night: Was going to try the lingerie again, but the plan never even got started. The husband went to bed around 10. I was up with the Demon baby until midnight. At that point all I wanted was sleep, so I went to bed in my pajama pants without waking him.

Thursday night: Tried the lingerie again. Success. At least until, the next day when he told me that he only had one complaint about the sex. I should have talked dirty. Men shouldn't speak. Way to kill the best sex we'd had in a long time. But then, a present was delivered to my door.

Friday night: Got a babysitter. Went to the bar. Drunk sex. Enough said.

Saturday morning: Hangover sex. I don't care what anyone says, the best cure for a hangover is sex. You may not want to move when you first wake up, but after the sex, you'll feel fantastic.

Saturday night: More sex.

Sunday night: Sleepy.

Monday night: He claimed we were going to have sex and then fell asleep.

As you can see, a sex life can get real good real fast. It can also cool off just as fast. If I don't make some sort of obvious move on the husband tonight, we could easily go another week without sex and resent each other for it.
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