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Self Love and Sisterhood event

Posted Apr 10 2013 10:10pm

by mnfadmin on April 8, 2013

Top L to R, , Mel Ambrosini , Me, Jess Ainscough , Amanda Rootsey and Tara Bliss .


Talk about feeling the love!  You may have seen across social media, the event of all loved up events – the evening held here in Melbourne last thursday.  Two of my beautiful wellness sistas (and healthtalks co-hosts), Jess Ainscough and Mel Ambrosini joined forces with Tara Bliss and Amanda Rootsey to sit before us, share their own journey's to really break down their own meaning of self love.  All four girls shared similar philosophies, they opened up their hearts (there were tears too) and poured the love out to the audience.

Here's what I took away from the evening;

+ Jess shared about how self love wasn't about being 'selfish' but rather, about having so much respect for yourself, because for her, to truely love and have utter most respect for yourself allows you to fully embrace life and be able to unconditionally love others.  Through her journey in healing herself from cancer, she had to learn to accept herself, cancer and all, to love the opportunities it created for her and to just get on with the job of healing rather than hate on it.  It wasn't until she reached this point that she felt freedom from illness.

+ Mel told of the simplicity that came with catching her 'mean girl' (her ego), being aware of the hateful thoughts we all have about ourselves and turning them into accepting and loving beliefs.  Doing away with the "I'm too fat, I'm too poor, I'm too this or that – because it doesn't serve you.  With this, she shared of the bottomless pit of love she has discovered and how life is far less draining because of it.

+ Tara shared her story in turning her life around and realising that life is full of opportunity – that we create.  For her, being the change was the centre of her beliefs (we all know I'm a fan of  - 'be the change!').  She spoke of the need to let go of those people dragging you down, to lead by example and switch destructive, partying ways for more positive and fulfilling activities that make you a better person – one that you can't help but love!

+ Amanda's story was so inspiring.  This woman's is taking things to a new level with a program called shine from within – teaching young women how to tune in and believe in themselves.  This is such a crucial tool for young women to implement – to take control of their health and wellbeing.


From L to R, top to bottom.  My beautiful Amy (my PA) with the stunning Tara Bliss, My amazing social media manager Amelia, myself and Amy.  Myself with the lovely Adele (aka vegiehead), Me with the beautiful Lana Purcell, and finally Adele, myself and Jess Ainscough.


It was so great to have so many wellness sisters under the one roof!  I know my love tank was full when I left.  Watch out for more exciting things in the pipeline with .

What does self love mean to you?  The importance of self respect when it comes to the baby making end of the stick is super important.  Some women don't feel they deserve a baby – and guess what?  Whilst they have that belief running, they probably never will.  Changing the 'channel' to focus on what you want rather than what you don't have is key toward being a more fertile version of yourself.  Give it a go.  When you catch those unproductive thoughts, switch the track (as Mel suggested), tune into what you really desire.  It's a very powerful practice.

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