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Second IVF baby for couple using 19 year-old sperm comments

Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am
    I wanted to share this comment as a post because I feel that it's important for Intended Parents to be heard. IVF and, let's be honest, Assisted Reproductive Technology in general, is EXPENSIVE! Do the was already done for you, below!
    All comments are welcome!
Hi Sharon,
The headlines catch my attention - I am selective about which ones to read, but this one about the 19 year frozen sperm was one I had to check out.  I'm glad that worked over in London, where the government gives aid for IVF treatments. Sadly I don't think too many people could afford a total of 16 rounds of IVF in the U.S (12 for the first child and 4 for the second child)- not with the average price being about $20,000 for each (16 would be approx. $320,000).
I was also happy to read that the nurses over there have concern for the patient and actually advise - in the case of the husband being told before his chemo to freeze his sperm.  I complained for years to my gyn that I had bad uterine pain and she kept insisting it was irritable bowel syndrome. When I asked for exploratory laproscopy, she said it was a risky procedure. I got a second opinion, also without any advice to have surgery or even a suggestion that I had endometriosis. Not till I started to worry that 2 years of trying didn't produce a child and went to a fertility specialist did I have the needed lap. surgery - by then it was too late with the endo and I was too old to achieve a pregnancy on my own.   
Lastly, the other day after running through a list in my mind of the celebrities who received help through IVF and surrogacy, I recalled that Joan Lunden had two sets of twins through surrogacy.  I distinctly recall that in one magazine article that she stated surrogacy is a wonderful option for people when other methods have failed. I always respected her journalism experience, but she is so naive to think that many people can afford that route.  She really should start some type of fund to aid women who don't even have one child and have limited resources.  At one time, I attended a Resolve group support meeting and one young lady was lamenting that she ran out of financial resources.  Just think, Joan Lunden might only have to make one appearance somewhere or work for 3 months and earn enough money to fund 20 IVF's for individuals deserving a chance.
By the way, I also have to think about how our doctor's office here in Orlando wanted to freeze our sperm (only to comply with the FDA requirements on timing of the HIV test) even while they knew that this was our last attempt and that the freezing and thawing process (as mentioned in your article) can damage the sperm.  We stood firm on this one and went out of our way to ensure they didn't freeze!  Remember the doctor's gatekeeper coordinator standing in our way?  We practically had to beg to talk to the doctor!
Anyway, just my thoughts.
J. (Intended Mother)
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