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Scrubby on the up-n-up

Posted Aug 12 2009 12:00am
Well, we woke up this morning to a Scrubs with very few hives and a Scrubs who wanted to eat his breakfast. He did get up at 11pm ringing the bell with an upset stomach, but we are pretty sure that is from the Benadryl we have been giving him. Hopefully, he is on the mend. We had given him until Thursday, at which point we were going to spring for the vet. That is now looking unlikely.

Speaking of Scrubs, Isaac has been following him around like a magnet. Scrubs keeps moving, and Isaac keeps following him. Yesterday after our run, Scrubs wanted to rest on the cool tile. Isaac wanted to roll his dump truck over him. Scrubs kept getting up and looking at me desperately, as if waiting for me to tell him where he could rest undisturbed. He finally curled up behind the high chair, as safe a spot as he could find. Isaac tried to climb behind there, but at that, I stepped in, determined to allow Scrubby some rest. I also watched as Isaac sat on his back yesterday, like a horse. Scrubs just gave a deep sigh and allowed the behavior. Good dog.

That reminds me of this story I posted on my blog awhile back about a dog looking everywhere for a quiet place to rest. I am afraid that our once hyper and now older dog may be looking for the same thing very soon.
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