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Saw the Doctor

Posted Oct 22 2008 4:51pm

So determined was I to get to my appointment, that I skipped a funeral. I went to the wake the night before, so maybe I'm not a completely horrible person.

Anyway, I got there, peed in a cup, filled out a bunch of paperwork and waited. I was finally called, went in, got weighed (way more than I thought) and got my blood pressure taken (111/51, good for me). I was escorted to the room, where a nurse introduced herself, congratulated me (pee test came back positive, obviously) and told me I'd be seeing a lot of her in the next 9 months. I nodded but managed to keep the "we'll see" inside. She left after telling me to strip down and put on one of those horrid gowns.

I did as I was told, sat on the table and waited. The doctor finally came in, made some small talk, then proceeded to feel me up. Once the breast exam was over, she did an internal and then that horrible beginning of pregnancy feeling the uterus thing that I am always sure is going to unlodge my very fragile pregnancy.

I was told all was looking well and then we discussed my past medical history, which was quick since there were no changes since the miscarriage last May. She told me she was going to send me for blood work and an ultrasound to see how this pregnancy was going. She gave me a prescription for more progesterone and for prenatal vitamins and then told me to go see the receptionist to make my next appointment.

I got dressed and went to the window where I was told I was to make my appointment for two weeks. I was confused, but took the appointment. The doctor came out to tell me to make another appointment for the ultrasound. Apparently, the new health insurance allows me to have it in the office instead of going to the women's imaging place. They make the appointment for the 30th and I'm to come back and see the doctor on the 31st. After that I am going to rotate between all of the doctors in the practice.

So I leave, all happy because the doctor seems to be taking my past miscarriages seriously. This lasts until I get to the car and wonder whether perhaps my uterus seemed small or she saw something during the internal that she didn't mention. Maybe that's why I need to come back in two weeks. I fight the urge to go back in and ask, and instead return home.

I worry about cramping (which I didn't really have) all day, blaming the uterus measurements. I refuse to go to LabCorps to get blood work because it's noon and I have no desire to sit and wait for two hours.

I went and got my blood taken this morning. My veins dislike needles and it usually takes at least 4 tries to get blood. The lady managed to get all 4 vials of blood in one stab and I happily return home.

I have spent the rest of my day today wonder whether my doctor is concerned (because of previous miscarriages) or concerned (imminent miscarriage). My mom thinks she's just concerned (better insurance equals better care).

If I don't get a phone call about my blood work, all is well. If I make it until the 30th, I'll have the ultrasound and maybe that will make me feel better. I never really had a good ultrasound in the last three pregnancies. Weak, or nonexistent heartbeats, hemorrhages, etc.

So I sit and wait some more.

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