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Save the Bees from Certain Death!

Posted Apr 05 2010 7:06am

Does sharing information make a difference? Sometimes it is hard to know.

Here is a story of how one woman sharing information, saved a hive of bees from certain death.

Last weekend my neighbor, Anne told me we had bees going in and out of a box my DH had left at the side of the house.  I went to check it out.  Indeed, there were a LOT of bees buzzing in and out.  It definitely wasn’t an option to leave it alone.

Anne said if we had a pesticide spray, she would kill them for us.  I told her I would have DH do it that night when the bees were calmer.

Well, later that day we were out and talking to Anne, who had remembered a woman she met at the county fair who would come and relocate hives.  I thought that was a great idea (seeing how honey bees are disappearing), so I went in and Googled it.  I found the site:   Backyard Bees and gave Janet a call.

After playing phone tag for a few days and then convincing my DH it was worth $75 to do this, we finally had them out this morning and they relocated our bees.  There was a whole big swarm of bees in the box.  It looked alot like this (but in a box) 

I can’t help but think if Janet hadn’t been at the county fair and talked to my neighbor, Anne about bee relocation and if Anne hadn’t told me what she learned, then those bees would be dead today.

A whole hive of bees saved, because people shared information!

Information is powerful stuff!   Tomorrow I am going to share how this relates to birth.

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