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Salt vs. Pepper Part II

Posted Nov 30 2009 12:00am
So, to help "answer" the question in the post below regarding whether to put salt or pepper in the shaker with more holes, let me link you here . As with most of the respondents of the comments of the previous post, people really think that they know for sure which goes in the shaker with more holes. I loved how adamantly and positively some of you inserted your comments!

I, too, was adamant. I was in the group of those who was positive that salt went in the one with more holes.


Hey, if Dr. Manners says it is so, it must be! Dr. Manners says that salt is larger and heavier and thus the bigger holes makes complete sense.

However, as you will see, it isn't that simple.

There is actually not a right answer. According to Wikianswers
The "Flavor" camp says that Salt goes in the shaker with more holes because people use salt more often, and in greater amounts. This equalizes the need, making one shake roughly the same for either spice.

On the other hand, the "Flow" camp argues that Pepper goes in the shaker with more holes because it consists of larger chunks than salt. This equalizes the flow, making one shake roughly the same for either spice.

The International Guild of Professional Butlers has the most complete answer going with the Flow approach and actually talks more about the size of the holes: "The salt shaker may be distinguished primarily by the size of the holes, and then by the number of holes. Salt is coarser than pepper, and needs the larger hole. It is also heavier and flows much more freely than pepper, accordingly there are often fewer holes on the salt shaker to help control the flow. However, there is no manufacturing standard."

Confused? So am I. It seems that this was one of those things that was passed down amongst families as "positive" when in fact, it is much more open to speculation that one might assume.

Speculate away . . .
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