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Posted Apr 02 2014 11:00am
Over a decade ago I received an odd email from the folks at They had seen my book: Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility: Handbook for Clinicians and were hoping that I would serve as the medical professional on a team of editors that was working on a book that would publish. Seemed like a chance to make sure that the public got appropriate medical advice in terms of reproductive health so I tentatively agreed. "Just send me a list of the chapters so I can make my final decision," I requested.

Now I guess that at the time I was a bit naive about the interests of the target audience and basically thought that the book would just be about typical REI stuff....wrong. With chapters like "How to make sure that your sex toys don't transmit STDs" I realized immediately that I was way out of my little Presbyterian, Eagle Scout comfort zone. So I ended up begging off the project and handing it off to a recent graduate of the Ob Gyn residency program who was a little more up to speed on the whole subject of "marital aids"  and other topics that still make me blush.

Since that failed project I have honestly never been back to the website...until recently. This week Dr. Reh shared with me a story circulated on social media concerning the recently released CDC ART Clinic Data ( link to blog ). IMHO, the article is pretty on target . The story addresses the whole issue of patient selection by ART Clinics and the limitations that SART attempts to place on clinic advertising that are rarely followed (in our opinion).

In 2007 when we started the NC IVF program we realized that by offering NC IVF we would totally destroy our "rankings" based upon the CDC reporting requirements. But we believed that it was the right decision to offer NC IVF and now thousands of cycles later we stand by that decision. Our experiences with NC IVF have also markedly changed our view of the low responding or poor prognosis IVF patient.  So check out this blog on and maybe you can even find answers to some of those questions that still make DrG blush....

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