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review: moby vs. bjorn

Posted Oct 30 2008 6:18pm

Every Baby Buncher must have a sling, front carrier, or some other contraption that will allow you to hold the baby hands-free so you can deal with toddler BS.  I will admit that I did not come to this conclusion on my own.  Linda immediately had the foresight to invest in a sling when her second was born and used it with great success.  After I suffered through a few weeks of holding my second baby all the time and listening to her cluck at me daily about my need for a sling, I finally caved.  I went to Target and purchased the first one I saw (the only one they had, in fact) - the Infantino infant sling.  This sling sucks so bad I will not even link it from this site.  Not only is it really uncomfortable, I always felt like my baby was suffocating in it.  And that was the end of me and slings.

I did use the Baby Bjorn with some success, but I always felt like the baby was swinging around in it whenever I tried to bend over or do anything except walk upright in a straight line.  Plus, it always made me feel hot.  It was comfortable enough, but I could only wear it for a little while before it made my back hurt.  My husband, on the other hand, wore it frequently and with great success - to the extent that it has become known as "The Daddy Pouch" in our house.  Too bad he didn't have much need for a Daddy Pouch while he was languishing at work all day while I clustered  around at home with two children and without the use of my hands.

For baby #3, I decided enough was enough - surely there must be a sling out there for me.  Babywearing friends gave me a Moby Wrap for a baby shower gift and I think I've finally met my match.  It's made of a nice stretchy jersey fabric that's very comfortable to wear.  It has several different configurations (facing forward, facing in, even one you can nurse in) so there is something for every baby and mommy.  My friend whose son is almost a year and half STILL uses hers.  The one drawback is that it takes a minute to get it on and it is a little nerve wracking to try and figure it out with a screaming baby squawking at you.  Also, since it takes a few minutes, I find that the Bjorn is easier to use quickly if I know he's not going to be in it for long, since it is just easier to "assemble".   

All in all, I would recommend a combination of the Bjorn and the Moby, if you have the luxury of having both.  If not, just get the Moby.  I know there are other slings and carriers out there - anyone want to chime in with their success (or failure) stories?

A side note about slings/carriers - when the youngest member of your Bunch is under a year or so, never EVER leave the house without your stroller AND your carrier/sling.  You never know when one kid or the other will refuse to sit in the stroller but happily acquiesce to being worn.

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