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review: meal assembly kitchen—let's dish

Posted Jan 14 2009 6:02pm

This year for Christmas I gave my mom the gift of food. She’s sick with cancer and many days just can’t bring herself to cook. She needs the nutrients and while my dad does what he can, I figured there were days they would rather just pull out dinner already prepared and just cook it.

I decided to give Let’s Dish a try. If you live in any suburban area, you may be able to find any number of these meal assembly kitchens: Dinner A’Fare, Super Suppers, or Dream Dinners. Although with the weakening economy, I wouldn’t be surprised if many of these places go out business.  That would be sad because this is a great thing for Baby Bunching moms.

If you haven’t tried one of these and you’re about to become a mom of two under two or recently had a new baby, we would suggest you give this system a try.

In about an hour, for $100 or so, you can make four meals that feed six. You can make more if you like. If your dinners usually just feed the grownup members of your family anyway, do the split portions and you’ll be eight dinners ahead.

Turn the cooking session into a Baby Bunching girl’s night out so you’re cooking with friends. But these places are so easy you could even send your husband there to do it—but then you’d be left with both kids alone, so better not. Use it at as a ploy to get a break from your Bunch. I even know one Baby Buncher who said this is what her friends gave her as a baby shower gift...two weeks worth of meals. The shower was actually held at the location.  

These meals are reasonably healthy (healthier than any boxed frozen dinner) and with a few extra meals like this in the freezer, anyone can cook them when you're strapped for time and sanity—dad, visiting grandma or grandpa, doting aunt, good friend.

If you are a novice at this system, make sure you explain to the workers that you’re new and that you just had your second baby in two years. In your sleep deprived state the whole place can be a bit overwhelming.

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