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Posted Oct 21 2008 12:20am


     Ok...Some time for reflection....Life isn't all about Surrogacy or our reproductive organs OR, for that matter, our mental and emotional exhaustion over those subjects. If you REALLY want to feel exhausted then please read these two books in order:The Pillars of the Earth: Books: Ken FollettAndWorld Without End: Books: Ken FollettI am on page 658 (or so) of this 950 (or so) World Without End book....this sequel of The Pillars of the Earth is awesome and takes place in the early 1300's. Now if you feel that you are taking your life and personal situation for granted then this is the book for you! Medical treatments? Prayer (and perhaps rose water), Bathing? Try 2x per year and with fear for your life! Sleeping arrangements? Try all in one room, perhaps on the floor, with the kids...maybe the in laws...and the tick filled straw....night after night after night. I don't know if I can do justice to the "meal" is called pottage. Its basically a steaming pot of gruel that is added to throughout the day (or week or month) by tossing in the scraps that you wouldn't eat otherwise..such as apple cores and pea pods. Yuck!
     I compare this to my current situation...ahhhhhh running water and a (3) flushing toilet! I don't have to lug wood...I just flick the switch on the gas fire place and Voila! I have made fire!! (They would LOVE me on Survivor!) I have enough clothes that I could probably wear a different outfit for two months straight without having to do laundry. BUT when I DO wash the clothes I can thank Kenmore (and no, that isn't a servant) for my wonderful washer and dryer! I am just waiting for something that can automatically fold all those clothes! And the Entertainment!! I don't have to wait for a barn dance, a wedding or harvest time! I can sit down in one of the many reclining comfy sofa's and with a magic wand like controller, I push a button and I can see the world from the comfort of my home OR listen to any kind of music and watch all sorts of dancing! Fantastic!
     I think you might be seeing, my wonderful readers, that sometimes we are only looking at our own little box and every once in a while we need to crawl over those walls...or at least boost ourselves up to peek and appreciate what we have now, at this very moment and reflect at how far we have come and prepare ourselves for where we want to end up next.
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