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reduced days of period

Posted by diya

my period used 2 b of 5-7 days nd dis tym it has reduced 2 only 3 days.........nd dat also d first day d flow was vry less....second day i hav heavy bleeding bt third day again it was very low age is 21.......i had sex on 9 may......although i hope nothing went wrong bt i hav read sumwhere dat cramping or spots on panty r sign of it so?bt my date was nt just a apot on my panty.......bleedin was dere although its was for just one date dis tym came on 27 may......plz help me out........
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I can't understand most of what you wrote but I can tell you that sometimes it just changes.

When I was in my teens I had the same- 5-7 days of bleeding, when I got into my early 20's (like 22) they started to gradually get shorter. 

I was told it was normal. 

If you are concerned then you can save yourself a lot of stress by taking a home pregnancy test.  And you should also make an appointment with your family physican or gyn to discuss your concerns over the shortening of your bleeding days

I had sexual intercourse with my partner on may 9........i expected my mensus date on they came on 27 may..........and the number of days was reduced as i have mentioned earlier.Now i am doubtful and want to ask you that is "less bleeding period" a sign of pregnancy ?

I am having this doubt because i read it somewhere in the sypmtoms of pregancy that spots on the panty are a sign of being pegnant........but i had 3 days kindly clearify my problem.....

Reduced days of bleeding isn't a sign of pregnancy.  With "spots" it tends to be because of something like implatation and it truly is "spots" usually when one wipes and not a full flow.

If you had three days of bleeding with the passing of your uterine lining then you are not pregnant.  Your lining may have been a bit thin which I would assume caused the shorter bleed duration. 


Hope this helps

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