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red then brown period ? What's up with that?

Posted by Monalisasmile

I'm on the nuva ring and have been for over a year. My periods are predictable and constant and always fairly heavy ( I've been on Ortho tri Cyclen lo then switched to the Nuva ring and nothing changed period wise)

Recently my boyfriend and I had intercorse ( I was on the second week of the nuva ring) the condom broke at the shaft but it was fine because we had a back up method of birth control. [ I'm fairly meticulious about doubling up on birth control methods ( condom and nuva ring) ] I wasnt too worried about the condom. 

I took out my ring last saturday and normally I'll start a few days after that, and I did as normal. This morning ( first day of menstration) I was bleeding red , but this evening my blood was brown and not "flowing" like normal, I've got to wipe to see it. there also appears to be little "clots" like in a normal period.The brown is almost like a light to medium brown.

I normally do go brown towards the 5th or 6th day of my cycle never the 1st though.

I was wondering If this has ever happened to anyone else and what was the outcome..

I also get a cervical examination regularly and actually had one last tuesday. 

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