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Rebozo Massage for Pregnancy & Birth

Posted Sep 30 2008 1:04pm

The rebozo is a traditional shawl woven and used by Mexican women. Traditional Mexican midwives use the rebozo to do the manteada, a rocking massage technique that is very useful in relaxing the pregnant women and encouraging the baby into the best position for health and labor. The rebozo massage is very relaxing, it balances and relaxes the pelvis, low back, uterus, and ligaments, allowing more room for the baby to tuck his chin and rotate into the best position for labor.

There are many variations of rebozo techniques for abdominal support, pelvic support, massage, rocking, turning posterior babies, and acynclitic babies. The rebozo is also helpful for the doula, midwife, or dad to support the laboring women in different positions. The rebozo is also used to carry babies after the birth. There are traditional rebozo massages for fertility, pregnancy, labor, complications, and postpartum. In addition, the rebozo massage is wonderful for all ages, far beyond pregnancy.

Here is a slideshow of a few rebozo techniques that I teach my doula clients and at the Birth Arts Doula workshops:

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