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Really you need to take a class & home study option – Enjoy Birth {day 9}

Posted Oct 09 2012 7:00pm
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Sometimes the usefulness of taking childbirth classes is questioned. A study has shown that they may have no benefits, but that study didn’t take into account the type of class they parents took.

I think that the usefulness depends on the type of class taken.

Choose your Childbirth Class Wisely

There are some hospital childbirth classes that teach some basic childbirth information along with how to be a good patient. This does not provide much help for a mom during her birthing time. I have had quite a few students take my Hypnobabies class after taking a hospital based class. They finished their hospital class and still felt unprepared. They knew they needed more information and tools and found my class. They felt very prepared once they were finished my class.

Hypnobabies teaches a good foundation of childbirth information and also helps parents develop tools that parents can use before and during their birth. The tools I learned during Hypnobabies I still use even today!
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Dads benefit from comprehensive childbirth classes , because it can help them feel more excited about the upcoming birth. In Hypnobabies the Birth Partner’s learn tools that help them feel confident that they will be a good support to mom. There is even a hypnosis CD just for them! Birth Partner, Be Calm and Confident.

I will admit I have had a few skeptical dads take my class. About 1/2 probably start the class skeptical, but by class 2 they are all excited to be there and have seen how much they have already learned and are willing and happy to learn more. I even have couples that sign up for my class, because previous Dads have shared with them how great it is.

Even if this isn’t your first baby, you can still benefit. I had a mom who took my class and she was pregnant with her 7th baby. She learned so many things and enjoyed the class so much, she is taking my class again, as she is pregnant with her 8th!

What if you can’t take a live class?

  • If you can’t find a good class in your area that teaches you useful information and gives you effective tools to use during your birth.
  • If your schedule doesn’t allow you to take a live class.
  • If you can’t find childcare for your other kids to take a live class.

then the Hypnobabies Home Study is a great option for you! It has all the information and tools you need to prepare for birth!

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