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Ready to throw in the towel

Posted May 18 2011 2:16pm
I am so over all of this! It took 2 weeks for my old clinic to fax my medical records to our new clinic. Then they didn't send any of my OBGYN or DH's urologist stuff. I called to inquire, they can't fax anything over from other MD's. So I had to call our other MD's to request the records. Haven't been to either one since 2007, records are in storage, gonna take forever. My consult with new RE is next Friday. The new office said it really ins't a huge deal if they don't get the records before then... I am just over it all! The lady from the urologist office was so rude and just mean. I wanted to cry. This crap is hard enough, gosh, be a little kind.

We still don't have all the $$ saved and our surrogate has kind of mentioned that her hubby isn't willing to wait forever, ie more than 3 months, for us to get everything lined up. We were setting out for an August cycle, but I just don't know how that is going to happen. Not to mention my anxiety is back in full force and I can't deal with all of this!

Sorry for the rant. This is just where I am today.
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