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"Hot Soccer Mom"

Posted Jan 22 2009 6:22pm
Our new car.
I've moved up a notch in the rankings for wife of the year. The big purchase that I alluded to last week was a new Acadia. It is a blue-gray color. I call it "Baby Bo Eye Blue". GMC calls it blue-gold.
It seats 7 so we will have plenty of room for us, my mom and the in-laws (and hopefully a sibling for Bo at some point too). It is decked out with all kinds of neat features but we did decide not to have the built in DVD player installed. It was an extra $1500 and we already have a portable DVD player anyway. Plus, Bo really won't need to watch TV in the car a lot -- but I have heard that it is a lifesaver for those really long family trips!
Most importantly, it isn't a mini-van. Which means I kept my promise to Mike that we would never have to have a mini-van. I know, it seems odd, but it is important to him. He says I now have the ultimate "hot soccer mom" vehicle. I've still got a ways to go before I hit that status but as long as I can keep him thinking that way, that is all that really matters. ;)
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