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Questions for 5/29 Appointment

Posted May 26 2009 12:00am
I'm scheduled to meet with Dr. Gross this Friday at 3pm. Giving my recent blood test results of positive for ATA and negative for Fragile X , I have a good handful of questions. Am I missing anything?

  1. Do my ATA numbers indicate Hashimoto's or Graves?
  2. Are my low TSH numbers a result of the high ATA count?
  3. : do ATA indicate I have anti-ovarian antibodies?
  1. Should I see an endo? Referrals/recs?
  2. With such high ATA, is it worth investigating meds like Armour for both T3 and T4 replacement?
  3. Lifestyle changes recommended?
  4. Natural/alternative treatment therapies, or therapies to use in conjunction with standard medicine?
  1. If this is mostly thyroid related, is the POF, in effect, reversible?
  2. Timeline for TTC - should we adjust our family planning timeline in light of the cause? Will waiting make it more difficult, or should we make attempts sooner rather than later? (2 months vs. 2 years)
  3. Does thyroid disease carry a higher risk of miscarriage? What can be done to prevent this?

  1. What can I do to alleviate menopausal symptoms?
  2. Should I begin HRT? What do you recommend? Risks? Benefits?
  3. Are there any supplements I can take in addition to or in place of HRT?
  4. Should I increase/decrease the soy in my diet?
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