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Question 41. I read on the Internet that two inseminations are better than one. Is this true?

Posted Feb 16 2011 2:29pm
The internet is quite an amazing place. You get anything you need at 2 am and research obscure medical disorders to your heart's content. But that can be a danger as well. I have been a bit under the weather recently and let me tell you that you do not want to type any ailment into that Google search box unless you are prepared to totally freak out. Seriously. Of course, medical professionals make the worst patients because we know too much about too little and often end up feeding into our own worst fears. It's never just a's melanoma. It's never just a superficial skin's flesh eating staph. It's never just a's a brain tumor. How does this relate to today's Question of the Day? I can' t remember because of my headache.

Oh, now I remember. Two IUIs vs. one......Well, here is the answer.

41. I read on the Internet that two inseminations are better than one. Is this true?

In general, one well-timed IUI is as good as two, and no advantage is obtained by performing a second IUI (providing ovulation was well monitored using blood hormone determinations and follicle ultrasound measurements). However, in patients who are undergoing IUI with less intense monitoring of ovulation, such as urine LH testing, or for those women who chose not to monitor their ovulation at all, two inseminations may be a better option.

Using basal body temperatures as the basis for an IUI’s timing is not recommended, because this method cannot prospectively pinpoint the optimal timing of ovulation for an IUI treatment. The rise in basal body temperature occurs after ovulation, so identifying this temperature increase would not help in scheduling an IUI procedure.
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