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Q: Why do I need to take prenatal vitamins or even folic acid before I even get pregnant?

Posted Dec 20 2008 5:57pm 1 Comment
Q: Why do I need to take prenatal vitamins or even folic acid before I even get pregnant? I thought that taking prenatal vitamins was for when YOU ARE pregnant!
A:For those who aren't used to taking any vitamins at all and are reluctant to start any time soon should really rethink the reasoning behind prenatal's especially folic acid. Below are some facts about the importance of folic acid from
Folic acid, sometimes called folate, is a B vitamin (B9) found mostly in leafy green vegetables like kale and spinach, orange juice, and enriched grains. Repeated studies have shown that women who get 400 micrograms (0.4 milligrams) daily prior to conception and during early pregnancy reduce the risk that their baby will be born with a serious neural tube defect (a birth defect involving incomplete development of the brain and spinal cord) by up to 70%.

The most common neural tube defects arespina bifida(an incomplete closure of the spinal cord and spinal column), anencephaly (severe underdevelopment of the brain), and encephalocele (when brain tissue protrudes out to the skin from an abnormal opening in the skull). All of these defects occur during the first 28 days of pregnancy - usually before a woman even knows she's pregnant.

That's why it's so important for all women of childbearing age to get enough folic acid - not just those who are planning to become pregnant. Only 50% of pregnancies are planned, so any woman who could become pregnant should make sure she's getting enough folic acid. (and women planning on becoming egg donors and surrogates)

Doctors and scientists still aren't completely sure why folic acid has such a profound effect on the prevention of neural tube defects, but they do know that this vitamin is crucial in the development of DNA. As a result, folic acid plays a large role in cell growth and development, as well as tissue formation.

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hello,what was the name of vitamins you recommend.eventhough im not pregnant yet..and i can still taking till i got pregnant?  from bohol...thanks ...bernadeth dyhrberg,,
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