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Q & A What do you mean I can't get a new tattoo?!

Posted Aug 25 2008 1:16am
Q: I have filled out a couple of applications to be a surrogate and now I am thinking that I should get my 3rd tattoo before I get pregnant. Someone told me that I can't get one now even though I am not matched yet. What is the problem? I already have two!
A: It's a good thing that someone gave you a heads up now because some potential Egg Donors and Surrogates out there that are not aware that you can not donate your eggs or become a surrogate if you have had a tattoo or body piercing within the past 6 months to a year. (In most cases it's 6 months for the piercing's and a year for the tattoo unless you have written proof that the needles used were disposable and in that case, you would be free and clear to donate or volunteer to carry.) This requirement is a safeguard against the risk of infectious diseases. Obviously any tattoos you have that are over a year old are fine!
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