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Pumping, and then more pumping!

Posted Apr 23 2009 5:26pm
I'm finding pumping is sort of like a part-time job right now. I'm constantly thinking "when do I have to pump next? how can I fit it in between my meetings? I have to pump again, already?" I'm sure it's going to get easier. I know it will.

I've only been at it for 5 days and already I'm getting pretty fast at assembling everything (particularly in my office, where I'm still worried someone might 'surprise' me), so that feels like progress. And after 5 days of pumping, I now have 1 oz. in my fridge! This doesn't seem like a lot when you think of a shot glass, but trust me folks, a lot of 'drops' went into that ounce. I remember the lactation consultants telling me I'd be lucky to get anything the first few days, so I feel pretty proud of my little ounce. Adam (what a sweet boy he is) is constantly giving me props for how well I'm doing, and gets me glasses of water and tea while I'm pumping away (still crazy thirsty the moment I press the start button).

It's still weird for me to be pumping at work, especially because everyone knows what I'm up to. Sometimes I struggle with the whole 'privacy' aspect of all of this, not just the pumping stuff, but everything - occasionally I long for anonymity. For everything we're doing to be our little secret, for everyone not to know that I'm pumping in my office behind the closed door and "DO NOT ENTER" sign, for people not to know every little detail about this baby and our journey (my own fault - I'm an over-sharer). But ultimately I like to share. I like knowing there are people out there who have learned something through our experience, or who have benefited from what we've had to go through. That makes it all worth it to me - so I will continue to over-share on this blog, and in person of course for those who know me IRL.

Ok, have to go and eat dinner with Adam before it's time to pump again. I'm really leading a very exciting life at the moment : )
Luckily, it's exactly the kind of life I've been hoping for for a long, long time.
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