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Protonix in Pregnancy?

Posted by Bexx

I have severe GERD and just found out that I'm pregnant (4 weeks, 5 days).  When I decided to try to conceive I asked my physician to switch me from Nexium to Protonix because Protonix is a category B drug while Nexium is a category C.  Should I stop taking the Protonix and deal with the severe GERD or should I continue taking the medication?  My OB/GYN says it's ok but my husband is worried.  I just worrry about esphogeal cancer.
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I have GERD and was on Protonix when I got pregnant.  The OB suggested trying Pepcid Complete over the counter first before staying on the Protonix.  The only time I noticed the GERD was the morning I delivered my daughter and we figure the acid was heavy due to stress.  The doctor did say the Protonix would have been safe if i needed it, but the idea of taking it made me worry.
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