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product review: toddler bites

Posted Oct 30 2008 6:18pm

I am a sucker for gadgets, especially ones you use in the kitchen, and I happened upon a nifty one this weekend.    Toddler Bites are plastic cutting utensils that you can use to cut food into small toddler-sized bites that are easy for little fingers to pick up and little mouths to chew without choking.  Toddler Bites comes in three models - sandwich, hot dog, and banana cutters. 

I was first attracted to the hot dog cutter because my 3-year old still hasn't really mastered the art of chewing hot dogs properly, and I am always paranoid that he is going to choke. We used the cutter for the first time tonight and it was pretty cool in terms of getting the hot dog cut into just the right size pieces.  My only complaint is that the plastic blade wasn't quite sharp enough to cut all the way through the hot dog, so there was some touching/breaking apart of the perforated hot dog that had to occur after using the cutter.  Hot dogs really, really ick me out, so I was really hoping that this would be a completely touch-free solution.

In the sandwich arena, we tested our cutter on peanut butter and jelly and it made quick work of that.  Plus my kids were giddy with the excitement of the novelty of having their sandwiches cut into tiny squares.  I actually have been fairly happily using the Pampered Chef Cut N Seal product for sandwiches, with my only complaint being that it wastes half of the bread.  What I love about the Toddler Bites gadget is that it maximizes the amount of bread left after cutting off crusts AND cuts into bite-sized pieces, to boot!  Again, the cutter isn't super sharp, but on the bright side, for that reason it is kid friendly enough for a preschooler to cut their own food.  Not sure how it would do on a lunchmeat and cheese sandwich, but we also used it on banana bread and waffles and it worked great!

The cutters can also be used for softer foods like pancakes and cakes.  Definitely a handy tool for Baby Bunchers to have on hand!

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