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product review: Thermos Intak water bottle (with bonus water recipe)

Posted Oct 29 2009 11:01pm

Thermos I recently stumbled upon a product I love so much that I just had to share it with you girls.  I am a huge water drinker, and I try to go the reusable bottle route if at all possible to avoid generating waste associated with plastic bottles.  Back in August I had surgery, and Linda was so sweet to send me a care package with goodies such as comfy jammies, trashy celebrity magazines, and this awesome water bottle

Seriously, I must have 10 different kinds of water bottles in my cupboard - all of which I used on a rotational basis, including the huge insulated thermos mugs with straws that I got from the hospital when I delivered each of my babies.  In fact, when I had my surgery, I was thrilled to come out of anesthesia to discover that you don't have to be in the maternity ward to get one of these babies - I was able to round out my hospital mug collection without even reproducing again! 

But little did I know that my new Thermos Intak from Lindy would be my new go-to water bottle.  What I love about it is that it has a screw top lid, but a sturdy little plastic straw the pops up so you can sip instead of gulp. Somewhere along the line when I was sick, a doctor recommended to me that I sip water through a straw instead of drinking it out of a glass, claiming that people tend to ingest more water this way (and I have found it to be true for me personally). The bottle comes in 16 and 24 ounce sizes, is dishwasher safe and BPA-free, and I have yet to have a leaking problem with it.  This is a great little bottle for Baby Bunchers because we all know how important adequate water intake is for nursing and staying healthy!

As a bonus, I wanted to share with you my new favorite water recipe. Yes, you read that right - water recipe. Cut up a few orange and lemon slices and toss them in a pitcher of water with some sprigs of mint and a few cranberries. I discovered this when I went to Blogalicious a few weeks ago and I have become addicted. This refreshing combination perks up regular old water and looks festive for entertaining, but is easy enough to make to spice up water drinking on a daily basis.  Cheers!

In light of the upcoming flu season, water intake is more important than ever, and this was one of my biggest challenges as a Baby Buncher (no time to eat, no time to drink, no time to pee, etc.). If you've got any time-tested secrets for making sure you get enough water, do share!

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