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Product Review: Sequin Kitten Heel Mules at Pink Heaven

Posted Apr 05 2011 12:00am

Sequin-mules As the mother of two beautiful daughters (and one son!) you might expect our house to be overcome with pink glittery things. Well, not quite as only one of my daughters has ever expressed an interest in the girly side of life and personally I've always been more of a tomboy myself - even as a child...

However, all is not lost since my second daughter is on a one girl quest to bring all things pink and shiny into our home!

She loves dolls, make-up, sparkly nail polish, fancy hairstyles, pretty clothes - you get the idea! So when online store Pink Heaven asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing a product from their fabulous range of pink products I had no hesitation in requesting the most adorable sequin kitten heel mules for my little princess, Sarah!

I didn't tell Sarah about the shoes until they arrived, but the look on her face as she opened the package said it all really. If it was possible for a child to actually sparkle with excitement, then that's exactly what she did.

Sarah has been on at me about the virtues of kitten heels since she was about three years old and now at seven she finally owns a pair of her very own. She's been tottering about the house all weekend in her adorable litte sequinned shoes looking very girly indeed. According to her they are very comfortable and very stylish and as a result they get a huge (pink-nailed) thumbs up.

In fact, so in awe of her new shoes has she been that I've even noticed her older sister, Tara, who is eleven, cast a few envious looks in her direction and, much to my surprise, caught her swanning up and down the kitchen doing her very own catwalk even though the shoes were much too small for her!

A definite success story in my opinion!

If you know a little girl who loves pink and who adores fashion, then you won't go wrong with Pink Heaven's Sequin Kitten Heel Mules which are available in both light pink and dark pink in UK shoe sizes 8.5 to 2. They're priced at just £11.99 but I guarantee once you start browsing the online store, you won't know when to stop as there is just the most wonderful range of pink to choose from; everything from bedroon wall stickers to gorgeous jewellery boxes, bed canopies to ball gowns, pretty lighting to funky party decorations.

So whilst you're off browsing, I'm off to bake some fairy cakes for my very own little princess!

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