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Preserving Fertility: Egg Freezing 'Just In Case'

Posted Feb 23 2009 9:45pm


So I have a question....perhaps it will turn into several questions but that's how it goes with me.
I am wondering about this trend to have young women, albeit those who have the financial wherewithal, freeze their eggs way before they are even thinking of becoming mothers. I am all for getting the word out there to the girls and young women regarding the biological clock and educating everyone on what can affect fertility in general, however, I am uncertain of the push to freeze eggs for 'just in case'.
Just in case.....
You don't find Mr. Perfect before your clock stops ticking
Just in case.....
You catch a STD that makes you infertile
Just in case.....
You find out later in life  you are infertile or have cancer or have a medical condition that effects your egg production
I am sure that there is a longer list but for those young women who are healthy now, will fear of their fertile future drive them into undergoing an egg retrieval and the yearly cost of keeping their precious DNA frozen? And after they become pregnant on their own will they have the emotional dilemma regarding their now 5 or 10 year old frozen eggs? Will those eggs be destroyed? Will these women now be asked to donate them? What about the woman who doesn't get pregnant on her own and wants to use her eggs....will she be able to even afford the IVF procedure? The medications? What will that option be like over the next decade? AND what happens when the frozen eggs don't result in a pregnancy? What then?
I told you that I may have more then one question.
I have a 13 year old daughter. She knows all about Egg Donation, Surrogacy, and IVF (At least as much as she may want to know) I have given her every vaccination, protected her from exposure of toxic materials (No smoking in OUR house, please!) and generally have given her the tools to keep herself safe. I am drawing the line at freezing her eggs. Because she is a healthy young teen, I see no need of it. If she is unfortunate and is found to have cancer or some other life threatening disease then I may encourage her to freeze her eggs at that time. But for young, healthy women, I think education and fertility awareness is a must.  The rest? I am not so sure about.
Sharon LaMothe
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