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Posted Mar 16 2010 7:41am
"It's just preschool." 

Yes, it's just preschool.  But it is also the beginning of my children's academic career.  If there is one thing I want for all of my kids it is for them to be intelligent and have the best education possible.  I know that there will be many things that I will do along the way that will impact my children but if there is anything that I want to make sure I do right, it's making sure that they are well educated. 

Needless to say, I started researching preschools before we even moved to the IV area.  I've narrowed down our options to four different preschool programs in the area.

1. Public School Preschool
Pros: in town, free, 5 days per week - 3 hours per day
Cons: everyone seems to attend, girls would be a few days shy of 4 before they can attend

2. YMCA Preschool
Pros: monthly fee, 4 days per week - 2 hours per day
Cons: 10 minute drive, girls would be nearly 4 before they can attend

3. Catholic Preschool
Pros: monthly fee, in town, 3 days per week - 2 1/2 hours per day, girls can attend the year they turn 3
Cons: religious base, non-certified teachers

4. Montessori
Pros: 15 minute drive, 5 days per week - 4 hours per day or full day program, alternative learning atmosphere, girls can attend the year they turn 3
Cons: high cost, alternative learning atmosphere, environment may not suit our children's personalities, non-certified teachers

Most likely, I will figure out some combination of these preschools to make the situation work for our family.  All three kids will be among the oldest in their classes throughout school, meaning they will have two full years of preschool before they are eligible for kindergarten. 

Next year, Bo will be taking a beginner preschool class at the Y.  It is called "Just for Twos" and meets for 2 hours each week.  Unfortunately, because of the girl's birthday they will be nearly 3 before they can even be in "Just for Twos".  Maybe I should have planned for spring babies -- haha!

Tell me about your child's preschool and how you selected the school they attend.  Any and all information that may help me make a decision is appreciated and welcomed.
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